Wednesday, May 1, 2013

To Blog just to Blog

This is an older - January 2009 post of mine.

I thought I would - re-share it with you all.

Hope there is something that fits in your day - I know it did in mine, today.

I really liked today's Toronto Star. Read article here.

The article is about 7 ways to support Artists.

For example - this is what they do in Ireland.

In Ireland, artists pay no income tax on earnings below 250,000 euros.

AND this is what CANADA has done.

But following the report's release, the Harper government sought to cut more than $40 million in crucial federal funding. During last fall's election campaign, Prime Minister Stephen Harper sought to drive a wedge between the artistic community and "ordinary Canadians."
Does not seem right.

Read the article, actually it is part of a series. Try this link.

Very, very good.

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SweetAnnee said...

I will always support local ..artists et all When I can

We're the land of small business.
it's what keeps us all going

fondly, Deena