Monday, May 4, 2009

Would you pass this?

Well, would you?

Do you think that if you speed by, you will be safe?

How about if you pass by on the other side of the street - after all there are two lanes? Or, maybe you should pass by on the shoulder?, after all - that is 6 feet further away.

These are 3 ways to pass a burning Tanker. NOT.

There were about 10 vehicles that passed this burning and exploding tanker. Crazy humans.

Even the wildlife stayed away or ran away.

What about the farm tractor that looked - to me to be trying to get closer - what was he going to do? He pulled away - very quickly - when you could hear the fire trucks, etc., coming.

I called 911 - for the first time in my life. Boy, is that hard to explain where you are - when you can hear and see this. There was even an explosion. The flames were bright red and the sky was black. AND the smell....

Hope no one was hurt.

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pixelhazard said...

Should I ever come across a burning tanker, I'm now fully equipped to know what to do, lol