Friday, October 2, 2009


I really liked this chapter. I too grew up in a church that said - "Ours is the one true church" - then I went to another one who claimed that also.

I liked this line - by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn - "there are times when silence is a lie".

Why, because there are times I keep silent and it may seem that I agree - but my silence is a lie.

Happened the other day at work. I had had my say the night before, and my boss "had" to try and discuss it again - the next day on the phone - and all I said - was "ummhumm", " ummhumm".

I was not agreeing - but my silence made it seem like I may have been. So my silence was a lie.

Another part I liked is - page 39 - I needed this book a few times over the past Years - with my daughter. I needed to ask myself - Can I be sure my painful story is true? - I was that woman at the bottom of the page - I needed to say "Here is what was true: woman sitting in chair waiting for her beloved daughter."

One more part of the chapter that I hit home with me. " "Victor Frankl - a survivor of the Nazi death camps, said: "there are two ways to go to the gas chamber: free or not free." "

So, Let's take the best parts of this book and grow.

I'd like to change what Victor said - Just a bit - THERE are two ways to read The Joy Diet - Free or Not Free. I think THAT WE will be free-er by the end of this book.


Karen D said...

Thanks for sharing your week of truth with us. I agree we will be free-er by the end of this journey.

Lisa said...

I love how you changed up the words a bit... we can enter into this journey free or not free. It sounds like you have really gotten that we can re-write our stories, and that our emotions, while important in their own way, aren't the truth. Bravo!

Melinda said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a offer some wonderful insight here on your post!

becky n said...

I'm glad this was a good week for you and that you were able to come up with small adjustments that made the pracitces more helpful - very creative.

Pink Heels said...

A wonderful interpretation of the truth! May your journey be full of truth as your read through this book.

Expressive Hart said...

"So, Let's take the best parts of this book and grow." I'm with you sister!