Friday, November 20, 2009

Connection, Joy Diet

Again I found a connection to the other book I was reading - This Time I dance. I had even had a conversation with a friend - and she had told me to define WHAT I really wanted.

I suppose the biggest thing I got out of this was - that I/We have to watch our stories... ask if this is a real story - the truth or something else.

I still have to do Risk - Connection Step 4: Risk Openness.

That is a hard one.

I have a saying.... Remember there are 3 stories. His, Hers and the Real One. Martha tells us about a picture that has 3 parts - 2 faces and a vase.


gina said...

You are so right about how difficult it is to be really open in a relationship--and how risky! But I think we get those real connections with people when we are. I like your new art--what materials are you using? The first one is especially intriguing.

Lisa @sacred circle said...

Yes, I think it takes courage to let go of the stories and step into that place of deep presence and authenticity... I too loved how she talked about the picture of three faces... here's to honoring me, you, and the space in between! :)