Friday, November 6, 2009


Okay, I think that I will have to read this book a second time. I am enjoying it - but I think I am trying to hard to - get what I should from this book, to improve my life.

Maybe I need to just improve my life and the rest will follow.

I have not looked at the word Career in the way Martha does - using the dictionary definition. A course, a path.... wow, great thoughts. A way or path - like through a ...... insert your own word. Love it.

I like the idea of using a bell. I love bells. There is a saying that - You can not pass a bell without hearing its sound. I will try and use that thought to stop and focus on my desires in life.

I am having a hard time remembering what I was doing on Sept. 11/01. Or another crisis in my life - the death of my husband 12 years ago. I frankly do not remember what I did. I think it was be around people and talk to them.... but besides that I can not remember. So, there is some thinking to do - or maybe that is what I mean by re-reading the book.

I am going to try and get rid of my Mouse views and have more Eagle views in my life. I know I am using the - "My job is ...... me. but I need the money..".

I have written my 3 small mousey things -
-read more artistic books/magazines
-investigate (Take a risk) what I want
-Tackle getting "Who does she think she is..", to the small theatre near by

Watch this Video.


differenceayearmakes said...

You don't have to "get" everything all at one time - just take the bits that speak to you - the others may come in time.

WrightStuff said...

I think I'll be dipping in and out of the book a lot over the coming months. It certainly was a lot to take in during the first read and we had the pressure of trying to do a chapter a week. Everyone is different so we'll probably all get something unique from it.

stargardener said...

The rest does indeed follow. Life is about the process, the following ... The books we read, the people we meet contribute to our layers of thought and action. Each layer revealing clues and answers to the questions we are asking. And thus, the proverbial mouse views are necessary to enable the eagle views.

Dia said...

Wow - what a cool movie!! I wonder if the little 'art cinema' in a nearby town will screen it? Thanks for sharing it! I heard a male art prof say almost exactly that about a WONDERFUL artist - whose work could have sold then 'too bad she'll never go anywhere with her art, (single mom, can't devote 'enough' time to it. . . . )

The 'mouse & eagle' views remind me of a gal friend I did some drum journies with ~ 20 years ago - she was worried about something with her kids, & in her journey, eagle took her to a high peak, & asked her to observe them - hmmm, they're fighting! *But are they in danger? -- well, no
*do you need to do anything? -- probably not!
OK, then :)

Helen said...

Thanks so much for sharing the video. I'm glad this whole group is sharing their experiences, it provides so much nourishing food for thought.

becky n said...

Lucy, I call myself a late bloomer - the art practice has come along at a later stage in my life. And while I sometimes get frustrated about that, I am so excited that I do have it.

I love this trailer - will look for the movie. I'm going to a womens' group on Sunday evening and will suggest that we might want to get it at some point. Wonder if it's on video or whether it will be.

Enjoy this week, laughing.