Friday, February 5, 2010

What Makes me Happy

I bought The Happy book.

This poem by Shel Silverstein - makes me happy.

Seems what makes you happy, can also give you a problem.

Recipe for a Hippopotamus Sandwich

A hippo sandwich is easy to make.
All you do is simply take
One slice of bread,
One slice of cake,
Some mayonnaise,
One onion ring,
One hippopotamus,
One piece of string,
A dash of pepper--
That ought to do it.
And now comes the problem...
Biting into it!


Monkey Mind said...

Oh, I love Shel Silverstein. Thanks for posting that. The Job Story...I've got one of those too. Damn Albatross. Unfortunately, often the reason we hang on to stories is that our subconcious finds these stories compelling and our concious mind has to recognize that and fight back. Easier said than done. Best of luck on your journey.

Lisa @sacred circle said...

Oh, you've brought back such fond memories of Shel Silverstein... I remember memorizing a few of his poems in grade school, and The Giving Tree was always one of my favorite stories...

I hope you discover many more happy moments this week! :)

Ellecubed said...

This is absolutely hilarious. Thank you so much for sharing. It put a huge grin on my face.