Friday, March 26, 2010


Jamie asks, What do you wish to take a break from?

I wish to take a break from Fear. Fear is what is holding me back. I know that.

Fear that I will not be able to succeed. Fear that ........ well, what .... I seem lost for words. So, it also seems that I need to be able to identify that Fear.





Okay, one fear I have identified.... is - if I get this mess cleared up.... Then my daughter is gone for good.... and I do not want that.... But NO.... the real answer to that is.... I need to finish what I started as I choice to let her go, or FREE and she is just around the corner.... just doing what she needs to... and she is there. So, part of this is still my holding her back.... OR trying to.

Lucy, Remember the real story.... Don't tell yourself another one. Remember.

I you love it .... set it FREE - Lucy......

Okay, onto identifying other reasons for this fear.

As Grace says, we need to put a restraining order on our ______ for today. Ex. I am breaking up with Fear... You hear That Fear, if you stick around, I'll put a restraining order on you.

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Lissa said...

I totally understand the FEAR! Chase it away!

As Lucy wishes for herself, so i wish also:)