Saturday, October 23, 2010


October New Moon
My dream board evolved with me putting balance in the middle of my board. Around it I would like to creat a home with a luxury bedroom with fireplace in it. I would like the money to do this, the success of my Encaustic art sales. I expressed gratitude for the sale of 2 of my pieces last week. They were older pieces. My dreams are coming true. I am more at peace with my job.

Namaste to all.

May all your dreams come true.


Beverley Baird said...

Lucy this is a lovely dreamboard! I love the images you have used and love the idea of balance at the centre.
May all you dreams be fulfilled this month!
Love your new blog look and congrats on the sale of your pieces!
We are neighbours (I'm in Cambridge)! I didn't realize you were from Fergus - what a small world!

michelle said...

Hi Lucy ! hope all your dreams come true ! congratulations on selling some of your art ! that is my dream to be selling some of mine one day !

Did you find out the price of the book for me ? my visitors arrived today for a week but if they decide to go off for a couple of days i will ring you and maybe we can get together. I will let you know !! have a wonderful weekend

best wishes

Jamie Ridler said...

Well, this just made me smile the minute I saw it. This dreamboard is full of joy, colour, hope and happy. Congratulations on your art sales. Here's to your dreams coming true!

Charlotte said...

Sorry for the late comment - life gets in the way of our aspirations to share in this community sometimes.

My Happy - I've already picked him out for my next dreamboard, how lovely he is.

Best wishes