Friday, October 29, 2010

Gratitude Friday

Well, I am just going to start typing - because I do believe that Life is how you make it - But I also know that there is a lot that I do not know right now.

I will just list what I am thankful for - so as to see them.

- having lunch with my friend Michelle today
- having the money to have lunch and then go and do a bit of shopping later
- my ankle - which could be a lot worse
- money to pay my bills and money to shop with
- my job and my new boss - may he do the job properly and may I accept or do something about it
- the repair man - for fixing the leaking taps and toilet
- finding a neat board board to alter
- coming up with the idea for the name tags for the Lions Xmas supper
- this gratitude blog - so I can see what I am thankful for
- this beautiful fall day
- my car and the gas to drive it
- my kids

I am sure there are more - but that is it for now.

Thank you for this gratitude friday also.


michelle said...

Lucy i had a lovely time today and i am very grateful for the lovey piece of art you gave me thankyou !! look forward to getting together again maybe have a little trip to michaels and curry's art store !!
have a great weekend

lynna-g said...

I love visiting your blog. Thanks for sharing your gratitude and keeping the faith no matter how hard it gets. Art heals. Art teaches. Art transforms.

Grace said...

That was a GREAT list!!! So much to be grateful for...and keeping it real with things that touch each of us!

Secret: I've been walking around for over a week without a dollar to spend. Still don't, until Monday. But you know what? I also know that God/the Universe/Creator/Source...however one likes to put it, absolutely DOES provide. All my bills are paid, there's plenty of food to eat, gas in the is good! :)