Friday, November 12, 2010

Gratitude Friday

I am thankful for the meeting today at Elora Centre for the Arts.
I am thankful for all the volunteers that will fill the dates needed.
I am very grateful for Liz - a co-worker.
I am thankful that I have some goals.
I am grateful for today it is beautiful weather.
I am also grateful for a "Date" that I have - later today. That is what he calls it.

As you know - I have been trying to be grateful - but lots of blocks have been coming by - for me. So, this is my way of fighting the blocks, stumps, curves etc. by being grateful.

I am also grateful that my daughter is coming by to get some stuff organized.

I am thankful for my health.



Lynna-G said...

Here's to fighting the blocks and stumps. I have been doing that too.
I am sick with bronchitis but I am so glad you posted today. I didn't get to it so I am happy to see you are keeping it going.
Big thanks

Cindy Jones said...

I hope you had a wonderful date. Blessings for perservering through stumps and blocks.