Friday, November 5, 2010

What do you do - when something has floored you?

Just thoughts maybe even ramblings.

What do you do - when someone throws a curve at you?

What do you say?

I can not express it - here - in case it gets back to the "someone" and that is cause.....

I even erased it from my ................

Sorry, I am so vague, but I have to be.

Something had to change - but it has to be me - obviously.

Now change.... Lucy. Get on with life. Because my Real thoughts on life are - Life is how you make it. So... I need to make it.


lynna G said...

I am sorry you are floored and probably shocked and it sounds like hurt. My hope is that you can rise above it and not carry it around with you when it is not happening. I tend to chant a mantra to chase the thoughts away. In any case hugs and hope this has a good outcome for you

Grace said...

Oh :( So so sorry, Lucy, about that curveball. And yeah, I've had a few toss at my head and it's no fun at all. Without knowing what happened, my encouragement would simply be this. Practice forgiveness. Don't take it personally. And, like Dr. Wayne Dyer says, "How people treat you is their karma. How you treat them, is yours."