Friday, December 10, 2010

Gratitude Friday

I would like to start this out, thanking everyone who reads my blog. It is a joy to read your comments.

Today, I spent some of the day with my daughter and we had lunch together. Thank you Michelle for doing this.

I also would like to thank Louise Hay for her marvelous books, video and more. It is a fantastic journey I am on using positive affirmations in my life this past week. She also mentions being thankful for what comes into our lives. So, thank you.

I am grateful for my job - this week. Wherever I am employed I am very appreciated and well compensated for my work.

I am grateful for my new boss and him giving up 2 of his hours of work these coming weeks.

I am also thankful for Lions and the opportunity to help at the Pancake Breakfast with Santa - for the kids - I am cooking sausages right now for it.

I am using some of my talents preparing for this. I love Lions.

I am very thankful - for finding my winter boots this week - as we have a fair amount of snow - to walk through.

I am also thankful for a couple of tests I received.

Affirmating, Creating, Desiring and allowing.

1 comment:

Lynna G said...

I love reading your blog and I agree with you it's nice when folks comment. it is really cool.
Big Hugs Lujcy