Friday, December 17, 2010

Gratitude Friday

I have taken to writing things down, during the week - as they occur to me - that I want to write about... Things that I am thankful for.

First of all, Louise Hay and the affirmations that I am using in my life. They really help me and I am very thankful for this.

The Law of Attraction - as little things are coming my way. So, with continued affirmations and changing thoughts and actions - bigger and better things will come.

Wishing Wednesday and my new Wishcasting Journal. It helps me to focus and wish more and clarify what I really want in life.

I am very grateful for my safe trips in my car. The weather has not been nice and I am safe.

I am grateful for the vendors at my work and their appreciation of my work.

Gratitude Friday - I am very grateful for this... It is helping me to be more grateful in my life.

Just picked up my - The Secret Gratitude book and opened to a page and this is what it said - Appreciate and be grateful for every little thing. Here is a "little" thing that is entering my life. I am grateful and thankful that with Jamie's help - that I have ordered these.

I am very grateful about my expanding idea - for my art. I would like to do a solo show about children/babies/mothers. Here is part of where my feelings about this is coming from. Here is where it started.

I am very grateful for Inner Voices. This blog is helping me on my journey.


Lynna G said...

Congratulations on you r bracelets.
Is that your design and idea?
LOved the post. One of your best yet.

Grace said...

:) such light in your post!