Friday, December 31, 2010

Gratitude Friday

I am able to write this Gratitude Friday post. I have had some things thrown at me again - so the only way to be positive with this post is to start it positively. I also like this - Always write the things you are grateful for in the present tense, whether you have them or not. So this post has a bit of that in it.

I am able to write this post. I am able to write this post. I am able to write my post. I am able to wri.....

Okay I have written my lines - now time to get down to the real post.

I am thankful for the safety I have getting to and from work.

I am very grateful for the sales where I work. It helps the days past fast and it helps make things better or easier for us.

I am grateful for my bosses. They help make my time there great. They are joys to work with and for. Life or my job passes very well because of them.

I am extremely grateful for how my relationship is going with my family. I had a great Christmas with them.

I am grateful for how my tackling things that were not great - but the way things are coming at me - I am wondering if it is worth it. Therefore there must be more to work on.

I am thankful for Experience Your Good Now - by Louise Hay. It is a pleasure to listen to.

I am thankful for all I meet and for the chance to post this.

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Nolwenn said...

Thanks a lot for writing this post. I know how hard it is sometimes, but just taking time to write it, to shift the way you look and feel things is a big step forward.

Thanks for sharing :)