Friday, March 4, 2011

Gratitude Friday

I am thankful and grateful for Fridays as it is a day to participate in Gratitude Friday.
I am thankful for the safety that I have.
I am grateful for my friends and the fact that I participate in Lions. We had a great Jamboree last night.
I am thankful that I got the parcel off to a friend.
I am also thankful for organizing Big Brothers and Big Sisters Bowling last - Sunday. We raised $860.00 for them.
I am thankful that my ATC Quarterly came today. It will be something to read later tonight.

I am thankful that I have borrowed True Grit - the original. It is also something that I want to re-watch. I saw the new one and just would like to compare.
I am thankful that I discovered the mistakes and was able to point it out and that it was taken correctly.
And I am very thankful for blog and the ability to participate in it.

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