Friday, May 13, 2011

Gratitude Friday

Nolwenn created Gratitude Friday.

Here is my post.

I am thankful for the Affirmations that I am learning and saying. It helps me to be grounded and happier.

I am grateful for the steps forward that I am making. Through Wishing Wednesday I am Focusing on my art, Tending my art, Wishing to KNOW. I am making progress - towards understanding. Journalling is helping.

It is flowing over into other areas of my life - that I am trying to organize and such.

I heard from my daughter - by email and she is having fun, working hard and making friends. She sounds so happy. Ready to take on the world.

Had a bonus day at work on Thursday. Enough said on that. After all - that is why I am saying my Affirmations.

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