Friday, May 6, 2011

Gratitude Fridays

Nolwenn at Inner Voices started this and I do not always participate - but thought - today was as good a day as any day.

Things I am thankful for.

Wishing Wednesday especially this weeks wish - What do you wish to know? - The fellow wishers who commented are helping me. I had decided to write in my journal about this wish and there comments are helping me. So, I am grateful for Wishing Wednesday and for fellow wishers.

On Monday - I took my daughter to the bus. She is on her way to planting trees. I feel that she is really on her to way to bigger and better things. That she can take on the world. I am so glad and so very thankful for this. I posted the pictures earlier this week.

I am thankful for much more and will keep this up.

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