Sunday, June 26, 2011

Artists Way Contract

Well, I have signed the contract.... written Morning Pages most days and gone on an Artist Date.

The artist date was to the Wellington County Museum and Archives. It was the Poor House started in the 1800's.

I had decided to go there as Doors Open was happening. For the first half hour - I did not realize that this was a date. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.


Dream With the Fishes said...

Wow, you're on a ROLL already! Good for you. So nice to meet you, fellow Piscean! I'm very happy to journey with you these next 24 weeks.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

What a wonderful place! Beautiful scenery. Yay for you on signing the contract. :)

Beverley Baird said...

Looks like you are taking off! Great start - I have never been to that Museum. I want to get to the Hamilton Art Gallery soon.

ileana said...

Looks like a fun and interesting place! I started chapter one yesterday and started working on one of the tasks. It really brought back some buried memories. This journey is going to get a little intense, I can just feel it...and I'm ready for it!

Glad we're doing this together!