Friday, June 10, 2011

Gratitude Friday

Today is a great day to express my thankfulness.

I am thankful for the negativity (to a certain extent). It is teaching me great things... although at the time I do not really think that.

I am thankful for Cruise nights at work... It allows me to be myself and have a bit of fun at work.

I am thankful for the Air Conditioner. I know - I said I was not going to accept it, but I did.

I am grateful for the progress I am making. I can feel the changes in my mind, thoughts and actions.

I am extremely thankful for past people I have known. It is amazing when you meet them again. I know them and they are pleased that I have said hello.

I am grateful once again to Nolwenn for creating this place for me to visit.

I am thankful for the two compliments this past week. It makes me realize that people are reading me correctly. I am writing them up on cards and keeping them in a box. Jamie's suggestion. Encouragement box.


(((o))) weaver said...

i'm always amazed with what always comes back... many gifts that bless me.. when i'm expressing or acknowledging gratitude... and of late... i'm practicing to smile more often which also puts me in that same place of gratitude... thanks for sharing... blessings, weaver (((o)))

Susan Williamson said...

I really enjoy your gratitude posts because I always feel more optimistic after reading them.