Monday, July 4, 2011

Artist's Way

Boy, do I ever want to do this. But I need to draw some strength from somewhere.

My morning pages have been coming along slowly most days. Some of those days I have got them done and some - just a bit and a couple of the times only a few pages.

Hope to read some good ideas and also to post on Tuesday some better accomplishment from me.

I work Sundays and Mondays so posting maybe be a bit dif. than most of you.

Here's to Chapter 1.


Anonymous said...

Draw strength from checking in with us. Paula has started a Facebook page for this project just for this very reason. I hope you do follow through. Don't worry about 'accomplishments', this is about playing with self-discovery! As I've been reading through our posts, I'm noticing that many of us are having these potentially self-sabotaging thoughts right from the get-go. This is the voice of our 'Censor.' Let's push past it and see what we got. I have no doubt that, if we stick this through to the end, we'll be so thankful we did. My best to you!

Ginny said...

I agree. If we stick to it, we may discover some interesting facts about ourselves. I don't think I can do everything suggested but I am going to try to finish the book.

Beverley Baird said...

I agree with you - morning papers have been a bit of a struggle. I like the longer time frame. Gives more time for reflection.
having support is great though.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

It´s all about the process. We may get a tiny drop out of it on some days or a whole bucket on others.
We´ll all cheer for you along the way. :)