Sunday, July 10, 2011

Artist's Way

Just checking in.

I went on my artist's date yesterday - more planned for next weekend.

I was at Art in the Yard. I loved seeing all the products - there were lots of new vendors. I took part in the Community Weave - you took pieces of cut up material, actually yarn and did a bit of weaving with it - standing up. There was great music playing and I actually sat in two vendors tents for a minute as they went to get coffee.... One of the artists told me she actually studied painting in acrylic and did a collage painting once and has never looked back. All her paintings are collage. AND she had portraits of people done.

My daily pages happen, just sometimes I write twice a day and not once.

I also keep up with new Affirmations that I have been doing for a few months now.

I am so excited to continue.


Ginny said...

Lucy, it sounds like you had a wonderful week and are accomplishing alot. Do you believe in synchronicity? Just ten minutes ago the main character in the story I am writing decided to paint a collage that represents the things she is experiencing on her new adventure. Then I read your post and you met an artist that is painting collages. I love when things like that happen. Have a wonderful week enjoying all that you are doing.

Dream With the Fishes said...

Awesome Artist's Date. That sounds like a really good time! I was envisioning it as I was reading your post and can see everyone standing up weaving colorful strips of fabric and yarn together.

Ooooh, good for you, getting into your pages twice a day and doing your affirmations! On some days I kind of feel like I want to wind up the day with some "Evening Pages," myself, before going to bed.

I'm so excited to continue, as well. This is so much fun.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Yay for the "as many pages as we want, whenever we want them" approach. :)
The date sounds fabulous!
Enjoy the week.

Beverley Baird said...

What a lovely artist's date! I so wanted to go and then we got caught up in other things and I missed it. I went a few years ago and loved the chance to talk to a lot of the artists. I even bought something then.
I have not been goos with my morning papers. Hopefully this week I will get on track!

" M " said...

thats an awesome artist date .I love when I go to an art fest or craft show , the people you meet are so inspiring and amazing .: )

Anne said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! It's great that the morning pages are working so well for you. Cheers!