Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chapter Two - Artists Way

I found a Basic Principle that really resounded with me.

#6. The refusal to be creative ( in my case substitute - do my morning papers ) is self-will and is counter to my true nature.

In read the Basic Principles every day. But I did not get my morning papers done every day. I kept letting other things in... not getting up early enough, wondering - why bother, thinking I'll do them later. I think my star would be 9/14 - so what colour star is that... I say  e for effort - but not E for excellent.

I read the affirmation everyday - and found three that resounded with me.

I went on two artists dates - here is a piece of pottery that I like from my second date. I also made pretzels - these were fun things for me.

I listed 10 tiny changes and one will be done in the next few days.

Where does my time go, well I know where. So it was good to list all I could think of.

I also did the circle and just confirmed where I have to improve. It was very uneven and not the mandala it should be.

I added five more lives... but found that it was easier to do than I thought and maybe these ones are more down to earth for me.


Anonymous said...

You did just about all of the tasks, and pretty thoroughly! So surely you can be pardoned for not doing Morning Pages this week. LOL! I just could NOT manage to get myself to do the daily reading of the Basic Principles. I kept thinking "why bother" on that but I got my morning pages done. And sometimes the affirmations. I switch them up every day, and make new ones up as I go along, depending on what negative nelly inner self-talk I'm trying to counteract at the time. This is all so fun and interesting!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

9/14 is way more awesome than you give yourself credit for.
Great work on the principles and affirmations. I got totally stucked with them.
Thanks for sharing your artist´s date! It´s cool to be able to see the world this way. :)

Anonymous said...

Great Artist's Dates! Love the idea of making pretzels...yum!

Keep going with the Morning Pages. I don't manage to write them every day, but I am beginning to miss them on the days I don't get to them. I think in time, they will become more of a habit. I get a great deal out of them. It will be interesting (scary?) to someday go back and re-read them. Don't count the days missed, count the days you showed up! Forget that you missed a few. It doesn't matter in the big picture. Just keep writing :)

Anne said...

I think you're doing great! I didn't do my morning pages every day, either. I wanted to do them even though I was on vacation some of the time, but it didn't happen. We have to give ourselves some slack sometimes!

Making pretzels sounds like a great artist date (and awesome pottery, too!). I've been wanting to make some pretzels for ages.

Beverley Baird said...

Everyone is approaching the task and morning papers and dates in their own way. You should feel great to be doing all you do. As long as we are learning something from each chapter and doing what feels right for us, we are ahead!
What an interesting sculpture!