Friday, July 8, 2011

Secrets to Journaling

Purchase some pretty journal or a plain one and jazz up the cover.
Keep it by your bed, chair, bag, everywhere you go.
Keep a pen attached to it.
Add some pretty.
Write out a peom or a neat saying that you heard.
Open it and start writing/journalling, paint it, collage it, put oil doilies in it.
Sit and do your art journal with your child, grandchild or borrowed child.

Sometimes I am stuck at what to and it seems that all I do is write.... Now.... what do I write. But keep it up. Write about your day, about your job, about yours dream last night and the dreams that you have and want to come true.

I think the secret it - to keep it handy - and your art supplies also.

Just start.... it will come.

P. S. Stop over at Connie's to read more.

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