Saturday, August 27, 2011

Artists Way - Chapter 4

Wow, a lot of us - did not want to do the reading deprivation. I ended up turning it into another kind of deprivation, one that suited me.

I started it, but realized I needed it for life. Anyways - I turned it into - cut down on what you do - that stops you doing what you want to do - Deprivation. I think or should I say - feel that there is an important idea here. I know that I do "other" things instead of what I want to really do. I also know that during this time of working on this book, that some of those "other things" are shifting and that I am getting more of what I want to do done - IE - art. But I also know that I was reading about other artists and their accomplishments and saying - Why am I not getting where I want to be? So, I do feel this part of the chapter was very important to me. I did not do a full week of NO computer - or computer deprivation - but I did accomplish and realize - what I need to do.

Less "other things" and MORE time for what is important in my life.

I have been getting the morning papers done. I try and combine them with writing my dreams down, continuing whatever comes to me and then another page at work. Now the page at work - is usually one page in a totally new journal, small one kept in my lunch bag. But it is page 3 and or 4 - so I do get my pages done.

Artist date. I have been neglecting that. I am going to a BBQ today - so will count that as a very mini one. But I do have Labour Day off  - so will have to come up with some place to go.

It was fun writing an Artist's Prayer. I wrote it as a poem using myself as the creator. One line is:
From good orderly direction comes great ideas and works.
another is:
Your self esteem has grown and you have lots of ideas that need expressing.

This is such a great book and I feel that I am getting a lot from it.

On a bit of a different subject - here is a great looking book.

Art Saves - by Jenny Doh


Ginny said...

I find myself doing the "other" things as well but this week I actually said "No" to some things I do not want to do. Now, I have to make sure to use the time to do what I want to do. Thank you for sharing today. When I read your post I realized I had actually taken a step in the right direction, now I just have to complete the step. It really does help to see how others are reacting to the book.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Yay! Rebels of the chapter unite! *giggle*
It´s great to see how each of us is tweaking and choosing and getting so much for ourselves in a tailored fit way. :)

Dream With the Fishes said...

Good for you, taking this ridiculously difficult task and turning it into something that worked better for you! I like it. I agree that, as difficult as this task is (and, by the way, I didn't even attempt to do it), it is something that surely would prove so helpful in freeing up time. For myself, I have long felt that this is the one thing that would probably propel me into much greater creative self-expression. I spent far too much of my life, so far, poring over books about others' art, and How-to books, and not nearly as much time actually DOING! It is something I need to bite the bullet and JUST DO. Although, I will NOT be giving up reading completely, nor will I be giving up compter time. I need my blog buddies!!!!!

Weenie said...

Is this a book you are reading? It sounds very interesting.