Sunday, August 14, 2011

Artist's Way - Check In

I am pleased this week. My morning papers got done - sometimes at night. They still feel quite strange to be sitting there and writing. To Whom am I writing, I suppose is what I am thinking.

Artist date - had my regular massage, went to the dollar store and bought a few supplies and saw the last Harry Potter movie - part 2.

I found working on the tasks quite good. I liked doing the detective work. I did all the tasks. My childhood room - I wrote out twice. For whatever reason - I could not find the first one - but then I did not look too closely - at my morning papers. Do not want to re-read them.


Ginny said...

Congratulations on having such a great week. I did not write about my childhood room but I did think of it often this week. I particularly remember the very small dressing table that I thought was so grown up to sit at.

Anonymous said...

An excellent week in Artist's Way work for you! I like your Artist's Date - you showed yourself a real good time this week! I was thinking of taking myself out to the movies on one of my future dates.

I really enjoyed the tasks of this chapter, too. Especially the Detective Work one. Yeah, I don't really want to re-read my morning pages, either. It's a good thing we never have to, if we don't want to. Except that, on some days, I record my dreams within the contents and I'd like to go back and look those over. I've started writing 'DREAM' in a big circle on top of the pages that contain one so I know where to look now.

Anne said...

What a great week you had. These exercises were fun, weren't they!

Your artist date sounds wonderful... massage, shopping, movie!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Cool dates! Well done on all those pages. Keep going! :)