Monday, September 26, 2011

Artists Way

Once again I did get through this chapter, but it now seems that I make myself finish it. It is not that I do not want to... but more that, I have just a bit to finish and I do not finish it till the very end of the week.

I am doing the pages most days....

I liked the tasks. I was visiting my granddaughter and had taken her to the park. She was busy with the girls, so I picked my leaves. While doing this one of the girls attached herself to me. Asked me all about leaves, what kind was this one , etc.... anyways she finally asks me - "How do you know so much?" I told her that I loved to learn, so I read a lot and watched nature shows and learned all I can. I also loved to teach. This was a great moment for me as I got to feed another love of mine - teaching and kids.

I know I need to make artist dates more of an importance to me... but I did go to a store and look around all the items. I looked around my store for art and took a couple of pictures of creativity on the part of one of the vendors. I am going on the studio tour this saturday... it will be an all day one and should really feed me.

I bought some card stock and plan on making 5 post cards of my art to sent to friends. I also sent off an art exchange piece to a friend.

I will be throwing out 5 pieces of ratty clothing - tomorrow - in my regular cleaning and laundry day.

I am reading the basic principals and artist prayer... changing the word to good orderly direction. My idea is no where near what Julia's is... so it grates as I read it.

I know there is more I should do with all the chapters, but I seem to still let life get in the way. I have things to do for the next three nights... I have to stop and I have to carve more time for my art and myself. Some of those things I have to do and some I have to just let go and I can let go.

I am enjoying this book. But need to spend more time on it and do more of the tasks or maybe it is do them deeper.... hmmmmm.... that may be the answer.

I need to go back to something I realized a few weeks ago. - 6 - The refusal to be creative is self-will and is counter to our true nature.


Camilla said...

"The refusal to be creative is self-will and is counter to our true nature."

Great that you realized this at the end of your post!

Maybe try what I do, which is to just do a few of the tasks more deeply, instead of feeling like I have to do them all.

Hang in there - we start a new chapter this week :)

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Although you sometimes say you should do more, I can tell you from my perspective that you are indeed doing a LOT. And it´s cool that you change things to fit your needs better. Yay for you!
Sweet story about the girl and the leaves. Looking forward to the studio tour adventure.

" M " said...

Wow! your blog post moved me . I feel like Im not utilizing my Artist Way assignments as well as you others in the group are . Thanks for showing me how its done. : )

Anne said...

I haven't worked on anything from The Artist's Way for weeks. I'm glad that although you feel that you're not going deep enough, that you're sticking with it. I agree with Paula that it seems that you're doing a lot. Wonderful.

Thanks for the encouragement on my blog!