Monday, September 5, 2011

Chapter 2 check in

I am enjoying chapter 5. I have read it and am working on the tasks. They are interesting. Will report more next weekend/check in.

I have not gone on an artist date.... but have been thinking of it lately. And contrary to Reading Deprivation - I bought 3 books for my date today. I am spending a good chunk of it reading and of course a couple of tasks that just have to be done - like laundry OR and this is a big OR I will have no clothes for work. I bought - Art Heals, a Fiction book, a Book on Encaustic and a magazine - Green Craft.  I will report more later on them.....

I am making some decisions (actions) - my affirmations - Only right and good action takes place in my life. - so I expect big changes soon.

I am also working (in my mind) on a give away for this blog - stay tuned for more soon.

Namaste one and all.


Ginny said...

I too like this chapter. I did go on an Artist's Date to a local art show in the park. There were so many beautiful things to look at. One thing I realized is that although all of the photographys were extraordinary I like the ones taken by family members (even mine) best of all. We won't win any prizes or be in any shows but our pictures represent the moments and things that we feel that are most special. And that makes each picture really beautiful.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Your selection of reading materials sounds interesting. Good to read you are enjoying the chapter and specially that you are working on positive affirmations.

Anonymous said...

I definitely enjoyed Chapter 5 much more than Chapter 4. You know what? I received the magazines I had ordered from Somerset Studios annual sale. Though I had no intention of even attempting iot, I couldn't have resisted flipping through them. I hope you plan yourself some nice and fun Artist's Dates. You deseve it! Give yourself what you deserve!