Friday, September 16, 2011

Gratitude Friday

Things that I am thankful for.

- My blog friends. They helped pull me out of a spot that I did nto like to be in. I appreciate them all and thank them all.

-The lovely breakfast that I had at a friends - before I went to work - last Sunday. She had a few of us over from work and it was very nice.

-A neighbour -who dropped over some of the soup she was making. It was delicious.

-Nolwenn - she posted a mail art echange and I am participating in it. It is such a nice thing.

-Family reunion that was last Saturday. It was a beautiful day, great food, family and camp fire.

-The constant remarks from people about my lovely broaches.

1 comment:

Camilla said...

Those all sound like wonderful things to be grateful for! I hope you had a good week :)