Thursday, September 15, 2011

If it is Thursday - it must be Truth is..... time

Truth is......   I have a friend I would like you all to meet - She goes by Weenie and here is her blog. She started - I like it Tuesdays. Very cute.

Truth is...... No matter how many people ask... the white piece is NOT for sale and even though you are the 3rd person in the same day to ask - The piece of furniture is not for sale and it is part of the decoration of the vendors booth.

Truth is.....  The policy is - no discount - unless we are having a sale. Do you see any sale flyers - No - well guess what - there is not 10% discount. And the places that offer you a discount - have built the discount into their price to start with.

Truth is......   There are a lot of crazy drivers out there. Once again I was going to work. I turned on the green light - and the person coming who was coming toward me and had had a yellow light - while I was turning turned and came very close behind me to the next light. This light was yellow for me and I stopped.... He did not - he drove around me - very fast and ran the red light.

Truth is......  There are people whose health SHOULD prevent them from driving (and their family) and they still drive . They should not. One of them - can only see with one eye and the other one - kept feeling faint.

Truth is.....  Driver carelessness caused a road I usually take home from work - to be closed. A lady tried to pass a couple in a camper. She was at error.

And  - Last - Truth is .... for today..... Even bicycle drivers - and I mean - the ones with only peddle power - are crazy. There was a girl driving her bike on the gravel side of the hwy - 80K an hour. She was driving with one hand and in the other was her cell phone - she would listen to it and then put it at her mouth and talk into it....   AND to top it off - on the way home there was a boy - doing the same thing. Do they not realize - that all it takes is a stone - under the front wheel or a stone or something thrown from an 18 wheeler going by or the speed of the cars going by - to make them fall.... Is talking on the phone that important?


Julianna said...

Truth is... I love that you've made this your own!

Seriously... what's with these crazy people. This guy called one of my co-workers over to his car the other day. Seems he couldn't figure out how to get out of his seat belt. Really? Yet, he'd been DRIVING that car for over an hour.

Kimberly said...

I think most drivers are crazy. I think I am crazy to drive! How is it NOT crazy to be crammed in a little metal bx zooming down the road with other zooming boxes??

andd how did I not find this post when I came from your comment on my blog? I ended up on a post from February!!!