Thursday, September 22, 2011

Truth is....

Truth is..... this is going to be a short post.

Truth is..... I am off to spend time with my granddaughter (after work today). It will be a fun filled time. Two sleeps worth.

Truth is..... It has not rained that hard - since they did not go up on the roof and check out the drain. So... will it pour through again?

Truth is..... Wrapping $2600.00 worth of breakables (like dishes) takes lots of wrap. We use newsprint that does not have ink - yippee....

Truth is..... There are a lot of people waiting to see stuff in showcases. Hmmmm.... maybe that means we are a touch bit understaffed?... maybe.

Truth is.... I am coming to realize that standing up for myself (taking action) is helping me - INSIDE.... I feel a lot better.

Truth is..... It is a beautiful day outside - so we should have lots of traffic - so lots of sales? yes......


Weenie said...

are you talking about work? or are you selling your art right now?

Julianna said...

Thanks for playing!

Truth is... it rained all day here. And it's supposed to continue through the weekend.

I'm thinking it's a good time for baking. :)