Thursday, September 29, 2011

Truth is

Truth is..... Even though it is very nice to spend time with my granddaughter - it is also very nice to be back home in my own bed, etc....

Truth is .... Driving 120K on the 407 across Toronto is great... and fine there, the speed is 100K. Driving close to the same 100, 105, etc. on 80K roads is very easy to do too... but if caught it would be frowned on. The car is built to go fast - does not mean that the driver should make it go that fast.

Truth is..... In my drive to work and more ... and my complaints about drivers running red lights in town... well even a driver with a horse trailer AND HORSES in - runs red lights. Doesn't he know that horses can get hurt? Never mind humans.

Truth is.... Thursday is a bad day to drive past the Market on the way to work. People cross all over the place... no matter who has the right of way and that they might be just steps from the lights.... and ... and ...

Truth is.... 10 pm at night is not a good time to shop for the face cream you ordered. There is not enough staff - who know where to search for it in the back room, even the supervisor did not know.

Truth is.... New staff at the fast food place - can not get the order right OR maybe it was old staff. Are we in such a fast turn over of staff - that we do not have the time or whatever to train new staff right... therefore they become OLD staff - also. Serves me right.... I want to try cutting wheat products out of my diet - to see if it will improve.

Truth is.... I did cut wheat out for a day... and things seem a bit better. Wonder what will happen after a week of it... I will try no wheat for a week, at least.

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Julianna said...

Thanks for playing!

And we (Youngest and myself) live Gluten free here, so if you have any questions about gluten free foods, feel free to email me. :)

Two things though, one... we are not SUPER sensitive, so I can eat some things with traces and not have an issue, where you may. And two... GF diet takes about 4 weeks to see a true measure of results, and sadly, it's an all or nothing thing.

Even more sad... the second ingredient in Twizzlers is wheat.