Sunday, October 2, 2011

Artist's Way Date

On Saturday Oct. 1 - I went on my artist date and did part of the Fergus Elora Studio Tour.

I stopped off at Supria Karmaker's - she does Encaustic.

Next I went to Kitras glass and for a donation to the food bank - got a clear ornament.

I experienced Synchronicity at F. Graeme Chalmers. It involved seeing a blog the other day about Andrew Wyeth - Christina's World. and F. Graeme Chalmers - painting that he is working on. He is doing a picture - just like that - except that Christina is crawling towards - the Poor House - in Aboyne - between Fergus and Elora.

I stopped at Jane's Frames - she does Encaustic. I experienced my second bit of synchronicity here. Jane's latest pieces have Hot air balloons pictures - transferred onto them. The other day I watched an archeology program and they were excavating for the concrete and steel part that would have held and air balloon down - during WW2.

I dropped into Maggie Vanderweit - Textile artist.

I wanted to show you all the Warty Peanut Squash - that was at the Elora Farmer's Market.

Then a very nice lunch. I had a chicken and turkey and cranberry burger with fries.

I then dropped into Carla's Jewellery.

Lastly I went to Melanie - Weaving artist.

I thoroughly enjoyed my date and can't wait to do something like this again. It is well worth the time spent on these dates.

Last picture of the day... Beautiful fall flowers.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! So glad you got to enjoy yourself like that :)

Love the pictures! I need to get better at taking pictures of my Artist Dates.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Awesome date. Loads of inspiration here. Thanks for sharing.