Saturday, October 8, 2011

Gratitude Friday - Late

Gratitude Friday

I read Nolween's post and realized that I should also be thankful for the trials I receive. I did not get a chance to post on friday so I was going to skip this post.

I am thankful for trials, even though I do not want them. People say they make you stronger, so I am counting on that.

I am very grateful for my daughter coming home later today. She has been on an adventure out in BC picking fruit for the summer.

I am grateful that I got to spend last Saturday feeding my muse. I spent most of the day seeing art in artist's studios.

My many friends and the blogs they write and the fact that I can spend time viewing them.

My ability to help at our Lions Jamboree.

I am also grateful for the way my job is going. I am really trying hard with the positive affirmations. I am seeing chances. One big one that I can not voice here. But suffice it to say, I can see that my affirmations help.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

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