Saturday, October 8, 2011

Truth is Post... Even Later

Truth is.... I was not going to post this week. But thought better of it.

Truth is.... I plugged a new cordless drill into the charger. They say the charger light should come on - showing me that it is charging. There does not seem to be a red light - on or off - none available. So... is it charging?... is the on some models and not this one?... Only time will tell.

Truth is.... the A/C was still on at work. The temperature outside the night before was almost freezing. No wonder people complained that it was cold.

Truth is.... If I had of taken the detour they wanted me to - I would have been late for work. Why they did not have the detour at the lights about half a minute north of where they had... then I would not have had to do a U turn.... I was not going to take the detour they wanted me to.

Truth is... going on the Studio Tour - a day I truly enjoyed - well it was also totally tiring. Very glad I was home and had a cup of tea.

Truth is.... Late night openings for my work are continuing. It was supposed to finish and the people that be - the higher ups - decided differently.

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Julianna said...

So glad that you did post. :)

Sometimes, I think it's good to just right what comes spilling out of your head.

My life isn't made up of giagantic stories... just little snippets. :)