Thursday, October 27, 2011

Truth is post

Truth is... I am glad for Julianna with being off Caffeine and sugar and having lost weight.

Truth is... This having my daughter back home with 2 extra cats is good. It is challenging trying to get the 2 new ones - to say hello - as one of them keeps growling at me - but rubbing around my legs and my feet and rolling on his back - growling all the while.... I keep bringing in - food - for them... this last time - cut up turkey with the water juice - I had boiled the bones and then picked off whatever turkey was left.... they loved it. But one sits and watches me and the other does the growling bit.

Truth is... these late Thursday nights last week and tonight are not the best. I was in the dark a bit - the co-worker had her husband drive the car near mine and she and I walked to mine - but it was still not the best.

Truth is.... having a day off to take a soul collage course was a lot of fun. I accomplished 4 cards - but also accomplished much more in my soul.

Truth is... trying to get cats into something - to take them home with you - safely - is not to safe for ME personally. I ended up scratched..... but the scratches are healing.

Truth is... the flowers around her are looking quite bad - what with the bits of frosts, high winds and rains. They need cleaning up - taking down - whatever it is called.

Truth is... we will probably have to decorate for Xmas, do the front display and get the lists done - along with the regular stuff - next wednesday.

Truth is... It is time to do my meditation - before I go to work - so... time to get off the computer.


The Crazy Coxes said...

The soul collage and meditation sound so calming and relaxing! I'm jealous. The cats....not so much ;)

Julianna said...

I wish I could meditate. I know it takes practice, but sadly, I just keep getting disturbed.