Thursday, October 20, 2011

Truth is

Truth is.... It is raining and raining.... has rained for about 6 days now... and been cold. Oh well, it could have been snow, I suppose.

Truth is.... bought some pretzels... no gluten ones and have decided after one taste that they are far too hard and will not eat them as they may break my teeth. They have a mullet or is it millet in them and that is probably what is too hard.

Truth is... I found some pita or is it tortilla that I used for a sandwich... put stuff on it and roll it.... It was good.

Truth is.... I am so used to things not being completely done that when someone said - where's the key, I can't find it (on the key ring) that I did not check and therefore did not see that they had not looked to hard and now it is turned around and it (the fact that she did not find the key) is all MY fault.

Truth is.... I have had to grow really wide shoulders so it can all rest on me.

Truth is... I loved Julianna's Truth is.


SkippyMom said...

I love anything on pita or tortillas. Yum. And good for you.

I hate when people turn it around and try to make something that isn't your fault, your fault. I hope she found the key where she left it. ha!

Have a good weekend.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Yeah - life requires some pretty wid shoulders! Too bad the gluten free pretzels did not live up to expectations. It would be nice to find a great tasting alternative!

Julianna said...

Thanks for playing!

The best pretzels I have found are Glutino. They are not hard enough to break teeth (Unless they're stale, then all bets are off)

I here ya on the rain, luckily we are having cloudy but DRY weather for the next few days.

Not So Simply Single said...

I am trying to be gluten free too...sometimes that is tough...

Especially when dessert rolls around...

Truth is, I liked Julianna's post too...

Have a nice weekend!