Sunday, November 6, 2011

Artists Way Chapter 9, check in and more

I decided to do a tour of Old Belwood. This is the part of Belwood that is underwater about 7 months of the year. Because of spring flooding it was decided to flood and make Lake out of an area in Belwood. This area is now called Lake Belwood. Even the bridge over the area - was raised 5 meters and that was definately needed as it rises to just within about a half meter of the underside of the bridge.
This is a bit of information about Belwood. I took pictures an old sidewalk, and a few other things. I have explained as I went.

I got my information from the Women's Institute - they have kept the history of many areas Belwood being one of them.

This is also my Artists Way check in. I consider this afternoon a well spent time as it also fed my soul.

Artists Way

So, I got morning pages done most days.
I am highlighting my later pages - ones that I just got down on paper - what I could and as fast as I could.
Not finished the tasks - but will later today. I will post another time - if something really important occurs to me.
Here is my artists date - but yes, it has slid down the important list.
Thanks for reading.

As you can read Belwood was quite a village. It still is today - you should have seen Halloween - a Haunted House - put on by the Lions - and a 4 float parade - all lite up and wonderful.

This is St. Andrew street - right along the "old" river - the Grand River. 

To me these 3 pictures must have been from a house/building along - St. Andrew St.... it looks like a foundation of some sort.

This is more of St. Andrew st. just before the stream that feeds the Grand River. I crossed the stream to get the next pictures.

These two pictures show the steps and rock garden of the Hotel - at least that is what I figure. This Hotel's name was the Commercial Hotel also known as the Douglas Hotel. It was on the south corner of St. Andrews street and Broadway.

This is where I started my walk. Just in front of the plaque about Belwood. These 2 sidewalk pieces represent the old and new Belwood. In that the piece on the left side was made in 2008 approx. and the piece on the right is from at least 1900's - I do not think it is as old the the piece from St. Andrew st... although it may be ..... who knows - I do not.

I found this really amazing. This mint was growing in quite a few places - which is under water or frozen for a greater part of the year. It probably pokes its head out around July of the year and freezes in November - each and every year.

From somone's garden from the 1800's or early 1900's???

Picture from my walk.

Milk weed - always makes lovely pictures.

Old tree stump - Who planted it?? Or was it planted by nature?

I see a face in this rock... really close to the river.

I just loved the crack in this piece of sidewalk.

Sure hope you enjoyed my date.... I know that I did.... it is something else that is important to me and so I get involved and carried away. I will be taking myself on a date to Peterborough to research more about a mural inside Belwood Hall in the near future.




Anonymous said...

Great Artist's Date - LOVE the mint!

Glad you are still on the journey with us - just a few more chapters to go. This has been an all-consuming process for me, how about you?

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Super artist´s date! What a charming place!