Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Check In and more

Last night was our Lions Xmas. I helped organize it and I put together a blue and white theme, with Danish overtones. We had beautiful centerpieces from Little Tree - here in Fergus. They had birch bark - pots with Cedar greens, pine cones, twigs and artificial snow and plum/gold balls. I cut a blue plastic table cloth - length wise and put that down the center of the table and then had cut out paper snowflakes on it. I found blue and white snowflake napkins. I had got 5 kinds of Danish cheese and had radishes ( a typical accompaniment to cheese ) and rye bread - the thin dark kind. Also served a non alcoholic grogg - sort of hot apple cider with spices and fruit. Full turkey dinner with all the trimmings and rice pudding with cherry sauce and an apple cake. We have a band and they offered a juke box style requests for music. There were 5 prizes from those - who requested a song- they got to take home a centerpiece.

Check in. I fully intend to continue my morning pages. I will also take myself on artist dates. I will re-read the Artists Way - book. There was lots I got from it. Very much worth the price of the book and I intend to keep it in my mind.

Today may I dance my own dance.

Call a friend when you need a cheerleader. (One of the points from The Artists Way)
- Plant your Dreams and the Miracles will Grow - Christine Miller

I'm not funny.
What I am is brave.
- Lucille Ball
- from - I'm still a Hot Babe But now it comes in Flashes by Caroly Lynn Pearson
(something else that is pointed out from The Artists way - book)


Ginny said...

Your party sounds like it was a lot of fun.
I've enjoyed working through the Artist's Way with you. It is definitely not a book that you can go through once. I didn't do many of the exercises but I did learn a lot that I will be able to use for a long time.
Have a wonderful holiday season!

The Frisky Virgin said...

The decorations and food sound amazing! It sounds like it was an incredible time! :)

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Yay! We did it! Great to read you got so much from the book and specially that you got practices from it that you will keep.
It´s been wonderful to have you on board. Thank you! :)