Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday post

Nuture your dreams.
- Plant your Dreams and the Miracles will Grow - Christine Miller


Today may I embrace Whimsy.



Today I am thankful for my trials. I am working on being positive - You do have a better day when you are positive. Then my accident - pulled muscle happened. So, I started wondering about it.

Well, I have seen that there is a bonus in my accident.

So, I am grateful. I see who is missing me at work. I see what I kids really feel for me and I am seeing that I needed this rest. Rest from what is happening in my life - such as how busy I have been and the job that I am learning to deal with.

So, in an accident that happened - I have been able to see the good.


Have a great day.

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michelle said...

Hi Lucy, hope your on the mend ! have a wonderful christmas and a fantastic new year

michelle x