Thursday, December 8, 2011

Truth is and more

Today may I let my intuition guide me. (This is what I have been trying to let happen for a week now.)
Take time to play.
Plant your Dreams and the Miracles will grow - Christine Miller


Adventures don't begin until you get into the forest. That first step is an act of faith.
Mickey Hart - Grateful Dead Drummer

Truth is..... I would have liked to comment (for a chance to win) on this blog... But it is only open to people in the continental US.

Truth is.... I have woken up 3 times this week to lovely snow covered trees. The drive to work is amazing.

Truth is.... It makes for a great beginning to the day.

Truth is.... Did you realize how many letter "T's" are used in today's post.

Truth is.... Unless the call is made - nothing can be done. And doing the call is not my job... it is the manager's.

Truth is.... My old cat is really not accepting these young'uns. I sure would love some suggestions.

Truth is.... Tomorrow I am going to be spending some time cooking sausages in my oven.... for the pancake breakfast with Santa on Saturday. Fun......

Truth is.... I need to get to work...


Julianna said...

Truth is... that's a whole lot going on. :) If it makes you feel better you can link to my blog for Truth is... but I have no prizes.

Just the joy of seeing your self linked. :0)

The Frisky Virgin said...

I love this: "Plant your Dreams and the Miracles will grow..." Really needed to read something like that today. :)

Snow covered trees are magical, aren't they? You can almost convince yourself you're in another world, a magical, fantastical one. :)

I'm happily going to follow you now! :)