Thursday, December 15, 2011

Truth is...

Truth is..... We have had so much rain - this last month - that I think we will shrivel up like prunes. It is still raining.

Truth is.... The fog last night was thick - but not quite like pea soup... so life was good.

Truth is.... Had a dentist appointment this week. It was fine.

Truth is... I suppose the rain is much better than snow....

Truth is.... One of the managers who is closing tonight.... will do a great job.

Truth is.... I learnt a lot from Julianna's past week and trial - Urns and such. More to it than I knew.

Truth is.... I am off to get other things done today. Thanks.

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Julianna said...

We haven't ahd any snow here either. SO TOTALLY THANKFUL for that! After Christmas, yes. Before, NO!

I wish I hadn't learned so much. I am finding that every decision I make this week is questioned with "Is this something that will bother my sons in 10 years?"

I also think that if his sister was asking herself this, most of this wouldn't be going on.


I remember the days when I was in retail management, it was always great when you had a strong mgr on the night before.