Thursday, December 22, 2011

Truth is

Truth is.... I am off work - through no fault of my own.

Truth is.... There is not much on TV.

Truth is.... It is bec. of the ice that I slipped on, pulling a muscle, now taking Aleve, tylenol and icing it, then later heating it.

Truth is.... I had my first Ambulance ride... not that nice, but the paramedics were extremely great. Hospital staff was fantastic also.

Truth is.... There was someone here in my appartment parking lot - Who - inspite of me - standing on one foot, and yelling and waying - she just drove out of the parking lot and went on her way.

Truth is.... My son said to talk to the landlord and get him to pay. Pay for what? The ambulance ride - I think it is covered at work. Maybe the amount of pay I will loose - bec. of not working..... I will talk to the superintendant - to see what they say.

Truth is.... I will not be driving anywhere for Christmas - in too much pain to drive... and it turns out that my granddaughter is sick with pnemonia. So... staying home.

Truth is .... I am off to shuffle to the kitchen to get some lunch....


Julianna said...

I have never ridden in an ambulance. Truth is... I hope I never have to.

Feel better.

catheriah620 said...

Hope you are healing. I have had to ride with my cousin who was transported by ambulance. Not exactly something I had on my bucket list. I do understand your pain as I turned my ankle on ice last year and was on crutches for a few weeks. Use the time to create art, it will help you heal.
CC in WI