Thursday, December 29, 2011

Truth is....

Truth is.... I kinda jumped the gun and make and posted my 2011 Thoughts slideshow. I wanted to do something creative.

Truth is.... It was my Hamstring muscle that I pulled and it still hurts - depending on which way I place it.

Truth is.... The snow - outside - has made it slippy - hope no one falls.

Truth is.... I had to overcome being scared - when I needed to walk over the same area - on Tuesday - when I left to have my massage - Massage helped.

Truth is.... I have had to pull myself up.... bec. of being in a funk.

Truth is.... I am glad it is not my hair that is being died black and something else.

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Julianna said...

I hate that. When something happens to you and then you have to "relive" it when you go by the same place. Good that you worked through it, and that your leg is better.

Thanks for playing!