Monday, January 2, 2012

My Intention post and more

A reminder about my giveaway. So far - no one has entered. Remember - each and every comment with a way to contact you will give you a chance to win. Check this out for more details.

Morning Pages - Here is my intention to the Universe and everyone - that I am going to continue with my Morning Pages - I have posted Jamie's badge as a reminder that I am serious. I started Morning Pages - because of Julia Cameron and The Artists Way - Paula was our Facilitator.

Dear Universe - May this new year 2012 bring me - Morning Pages, more creativity on my part - my art being created and my word - Healing coming to light with each day. I wish to continue with these and add more each time - that I am ready to progress. May my organizational skills continue to be manifest. These are my intentions for now.

Today may I have fun in whatever way I want. (hmmmm.... this is not what I expected to pick - after doing my Morning Pages - today.) Have to ponder this.

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