Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday morning post

Truth is.... I have got 4 pieces done this week, 2 - I love and 2 - are okay.

Truth is.... I really enjoyed these pieces and will post more pics tonight. I know I promised last night - but it was so late when I got home.

Truth is.... This is not a late day for me for work and I miss the late night, since I do not work on Friday - it is okay.

Truth is.... Opening the door for the staff person - to clean - was not that great an idea - it set off the alarm. Truth is.... I thought the alarm would be off, since - why else would staff person from head office be coming by to clean the windows.

Truth is.... It is really crazy March weather out there, blowing, raining and snow later.

Truth is.... I so seeeee these plans for the 35th coming out alright. I am really enjoying it.

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