Thursday, March 15, 2012

Truth is Thursday

Today is Thursday and Truth is day.....

Truth is..... I almost forgot to renew my license and it needed a new picture, also. Cost a total of $130.00. Not cheap.

Truth is.... The weather has been real crazy - Thunder storms, hail, wind and rain. It makes people stay home and not come out to shop.

Truth is....  No matter who asks or what way it is said - the Cafe is closed. It will open - when - it opens and not before.

Truth is....  It is a nice surprise to come home to - Flowers and chocolates.

Truth is....  It was very nice to hear that my daughter had a visit from my granddaughter and her mom. They got to spend a few minutes together.

1 comment:

Julianna said...

I hate renewing my license. I do my hair, makeup, etc. And the picture still comes out bad.

Seriously, for WAY less money I could furbish them with a great likeness of myself...