Thursday, March 1, 2012

Truth is

I am going to preference this with - A lot of Southern Ontario was without power yesterday from about 2:15 pm to 5 pm.

Truth is.... I so not know how long the power will be out sir - it just went out. (As you walked in the door)

Truth is.... I can still (Cifer/scribe/figure out) the bills using a calculator, this list with the vendors (ALL different) discounts and the invoice pad. And I can do it without the higher ups help - (could have at least made change or put the stuff in bags). I/We got about $500.00 more sales for the LAST day of sale that was going down the drain as we had to close early.

Truth is.... I did not know that the electricity stays on for a short time - enough time for the computers to be backed up - therefore - that is a lesson learned - hopefully I will remember that next time.

Truth is.... I woke up to people scraping their cars - from the freezing rain and quite pretty snow that is all over the place.

Truth is... I am off to work now - I will tread carefully - as I do not want to slip and fall.

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