Thursday, March 22, 2012

Truth is....

Truth is.... these are my latest art pieces.

Truth is..... They are the best photographs I have taken.

Truth is.... I am starting an Etsy shop. (Part of living what you are envisioning)

Truth is.... The weather is sooooo nice. I saw some plants started under (netting, plastic, something) at one of the Mennonite farms that I pass on the way to work.

Truth is.... The training last night was just common sense. But, I think a lot of businesses have not implemented it. I asked my daughter and she said she has not had any new training in the last little while.

Truth is... I am scared that these 4 pieces will not be accepted to Artcetera - I am off to enter them and then off to work. (Part of living what you are envisioning)

Truth is.... It is time to leave for work.


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

I see you art is evolving in new directions. Love all the 3D details with buttons and flowers.

Juli said...

If you don't LIVE it, it will never be your life.

Kind of like you can't win the lottery unless you play. :)

Good luck!

michelle said...

These are wonderful Lucy ! I have signed myself up for Andrea's encaustic course this summer really looking forward to it.