Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday post or....

Picture of my orchid.

What to put down today. I have been posting pictures and wanted to say more - but seemed unable.

I went out yesterday for a salad and a time to journal. When I got in the fast food place, the short line went the other way. I did not want to walk to the end - so thought, okay I am after the man who is after the lady. Okay. Well - they told me the line was behind them. I said - fine - I know that and I was after the man who is after the lady. Turns out they were together.

(I now know part of what I want to say).

So, why are places, like parking lots, fast food lines, appartments, garages, etc.... getting smaller - the ROOM for them - that is?

Look at the way they put together streets - winding - so much - so as to make you need a car - just to get from A - to  - B. You can not possibly get off a bus (from work) and walk down your street and into your home. The street you live on - twists and turns so much that by the time you walk home - you are in the house behind the bus stop - only there was no way from that house - through the back yard to your back yard and therefore home.

Are we trying to crowd in so many people into places like Toronto and such - that we have to cut down on space and give people only a 10 X 10 back yard and even smaller front yard. Do we really have to park our cars in the house - under the master bedroom? Do we really have to have such small parking spots that no matter how you park - you bang the car door beside you? And how about all these outdoor shopping malls now. They have to have lots and lots of STOP signs and tight turns when you get out of your parking spot - because the aisles are smaller now.

Anyways, just my thoughts. Have a nice day as the sun is shining and the air is so nice and cool.

Picture of my new box - it looks like a book.

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