Friday, April 6, 2012

Truth is post - a day late

Truth is ...... I came home late last night and a big red truck was parked in my parking space straddling the next one - I parked in the visitors parking for the night. I put a note on the truck windshield - they are mighty tall - the note said. This is my parking spot. I would appreciate being able to use it. Lucy Apt. #312.

Truth is ...... I am really working on my art pieces for the Harris Room for middle of May.

Truth is ...... My whole weeks are busy, art pieces, 35th Anniversary, work - 4 days a week, tree planting/helping, 3 cats, TAXES by end of April, so as I said life is busy.

Truth is ..... Michelle is getting a tent replacement - so she can go tree planting.

Truth is .... the tension between them is starting to get to be tooo much for us. (Sorry to be so vague) key word here is - THEM.

Truth is .... finding lots of positive vibes and using them.

Here is a picture from my 365 photos project.

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